“Business & Industry takes control over the quality of its customer data together with CDDN”

We work together with the business & industry sector and let them work together to optimize the clean-up of customer data files. We are now able to clear this successfully up to 99% certainty. That matters. In accessibility, in expenses, in nuisance. This consolidates your positive image.

Data quality according to new modern thinking

One of the main issues in reaching consumers, your customers, is the quality and topicality of their address data. Mutations that are not passed on or processed will lead in no time to outdated client data files. The traditional providers of consumer data are just able to verify a small part of the necessary data. Validate data together, although there is competition, is a very efficient marketing tool.

The basic principle: the strategy

Working together to create a base file, sharing each others data. Validate this data each month by reporting whether a customer is deceased, changed address, or when the last contact was made with that customer at that address. We then have created a very complete and up to date database in which the future of optimal data quality is assured.

The people behind CDDN QualiData proudly offer the alternative and therefore have introduced the new standard, after more than 20 years, in data quality. The introduction of the QualiData ‘Basis Administration’ has led to dozens of companies, institutions and government agencies working together and the managing of more than  80 million customer data.

Supporting marketing targets

•    Identifying and gaining new customers
•    Retaining your existing customers
•    Regaining lost customers

Direct communication services

•    Data Quality
•    Target selection
•    Adding features to customer profile data
•    De-duplication of data files
•    Web services (real-time data provision)