“Same message, twice the irritation!”

Nothing is as irritating for a consumer as to receive an identical message twice or more. And you have a double entry which is a waste of money, even besides the chance that because of the high degree of irritation the customer response will lack.

Deduplication of your files

The name is different. But does that necessarily mean that we also have two different contacts? No, absolutely not. Therefore we deduplicate your mailing list to almost any record level.

CDDN CompLead deduplicates your customer and prospecting addresses:

  • Deduplicating up to 299 files simultaneously
  • All NAWTE data unduplicated
  • ‘Telephone Preference List' Register deduplicating
  • House Files in any format
  • Neighbour selection
  • Mail packs
  • Results saved as a template
  • Direct online report of Deduplicating

Experience the difference and register for free. We guarantee you will find more and better data in less time.