“Counting yourself rich brings nothing, enriching your addresses brings more”

Your database can be in a worse state than you think it is, or could even judge for yourself. Being not up to date, and of low quality, caused by mutations not passed on, and incorrect data input. Making you know your customers less well than you’d desire. CompLead enables you getting to know them again.

Validate and enrich your files

With CDDN CompLead you validate your addresses on the known facts:

  • gender
  • date of birth

The ‘Info filter’ and ‘Telephone Preference List’ are a standard part of our validation services. So consumers who have indicated not to be contacted for marketing purposes any more, will be excluded (at your request).

Also CDDN CompLead will enriche your customer and prospect addresses with:

  • Phone number when missing
  • Year of birth when missing
  • Gender when missing
  • Name when missing
  • Own / rental house
  • Wealth Class
  • Child at home
  • Purchasing power
  • Distance purchaser
  • Movers
  • Deceased
  • Interests
  • Media use
  • Marital status
  • Type of employment

And to know more about your customers and prospects is to score better! Experience the difference and register for free. We guarantee you will find more and better data in less time.