“The better the communication, the better the measurability”

Validation of existing address is the first step. Selecting addresses you are interested in is the second. Random sent messages rarely produce the desired result.

Select files by target groups

With CDDN CompLead you are able to select address characteristics that are interesting for your marketing purposes. To offer special products. To test offers or pricing, you name it.

Target selection:

  • Postcode area
  • Neighbour selection
  • Gender and age
  • Child in home 
  • Information about car
  • Financial information
  • Income (including partner)
  • Type of employment
  • Purchasing power
  • Charity givers
  • Mail order buyers
  • Energy provider
  • Provider (mobile) telephone
  • Mortgage information
  • ‘Telephone Preference List'  - unduplicates
  • The 'wealthy'

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