You need

Optimal quality of your address files. Correct addresses, data processing you can rely on so that you know all your customers again. deduplicate and enrich your addresses with the last known data. Select and specify your target consumers so that your investment has a higher yield. And you want to be supported in. Especially when it comes to consumer protection, your customer.

We offer

‘Communicatie Data Diensten Nederland’ (CDDN) knows what you want to know about your addresses. With CompLead, the marketplace for marketeers, you will validate and enrich your addresses when you need to. QualiData is a unique platform in which organizations share their knowledge about their addresses with your knowledge. Collaboration to make sure that you retain your customers and especially to find them back. Customers are valuable enough to say: Good to be re-acquainted... again!

My address

Indeed, it's all about your address. You as a consumer. CDDN is aware of its social responsibility and it is important to us that data, your data, is correct. Therefore CDDN initiatives (with a number of organizations in our sector) such as the ‘Infotonen Register’ and ‘Wie Is Er Benaderd?’. These initiatives aim that customers and relations are approached in a correct manner. This will save you a lot of irritation.