“Socialy responsible undertaking is a serious matter”

The legal standards for managing your addresses are there to protect you and give the marketing field a better image. This protection increases further and further and that's a good thing, because too often you are being approached in a dissatisfiing manner.

Quality and actuality as it should be

CDDN, together with its customers and partners, is mapping the information of Dutch people older than 18 years. We are aware of our social responsibility and also conduct our legal obligations as described in the ‘Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’. We always act in the interest of the marketing industry with due observance of privacy laws. All data is optimally protected and not traded. We are strictly supervised by the ‘Privacy Autoriteit’, and carry the ‘Privacy Waarborg’.

We've also developed initiatives (with a number of industry organizations) as the Infotonen Register, afmelden.info en Wie Is Er Benaderd?. These initiatives aim to spread call and mail pressure and reducing consumer irritation on direct communication.